Environmental Policy

As a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of digital devices and related peripherals, STRONG recognises that its activities, products and services may impact on the environment. In order to reduce this, we are devoted ourselves to saving energy associated with our production and our products and implement recycling programs for all of our key wastes. We will also prevent pollution by adopting low-pollution technologies wherever feasible and by a careful selection of raw materials and suppliers.

STRONG is committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements to which the company subscribes, and will exceed these where possible.

STRONG is committed to implementing continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

Electronic product recycling

Do not dispose products with your domestic rubbish.

At the end of its useful life, a product contains materials which when processed correctly can be recovered and recycled. By participating in the responsible recycling of this product you will be reducing the requirement for new raw materials and reducing the amount of material that would otherwise end up in landfill.

When you purchase a new, similar product your retailer may offer to take this old one off you. Alternatively, you can take it to your local recycling centre. Your retailer or local municipal authority will advise you of the collection facilities available for waste electronically products in your area. User of this service will be free to you.

Within the scope of the European legislation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Directive 2002/96/EC valid as of August 2005) STRONG provides a recycling system free of charge for consumers to returning products after end of life.


When disposing of a product packaging, please ensure that it is recycled. Packaging material is to be depolluted in waste separation.

Power Saving

To save power and money, please put the product into standby mode when not in use. We also recommend disconnection from mains supply when not in use for longer periods of time.


Do not dispose of the batteries from your handset with your domestic waste

Where they are available, participate in your local municipal or retailer collection schemes for spent batteries. Batteries discarded in landfill sites or incinerated increases the chances of pollutants being dispersed into the atmosphere.