STRONG was founded over 140 years ago and started its distribution operations and network from the UK in 1986, targeting the European market.


STRONG in Europe

STRONG continued to grow and expand into new markets with extensive know-how and a strong emphasis on design and quality.

STRONG became one of the leading providers and distributors of set-top boxes in Europe with a dedicated distribution network, logistics, after sales services and consumer-friendly call centres. Today, with 9 fully operational subsidiaries and 6 regional sales offices covering more than 55 countries, STRONG is equipped to cater for local market trends and needs, as well as being home of highly advanced and innovative Research & Development departments.



In 2015 STRONG became a member of the SKYWORTH Digital, world leader in set-top boxes.

With combined efforts and assets of both STRONG and SKYWORTH, the group obtained extensive innovational power and technical expertise to provide comprehensive product range to the retail and operator markets.

The synergy effect for STRONG's broad local sales and distribution network as well as SKYWORTH's Research & Development workforce and manufacturing resources lead to a unique and exceptional vertically integrated organisation that provides:
  • Product concept and design
  • Product development
  • Product optimisation
  • Advanced features
  • Best-in-class manufacturing
  • Localised know-how
  • Best customer support
  • Close to market
  • Extensive distribution network in Europe and Central Asia
  • Experienced international Sales team
  • Best value for money products