Home Networking

What's wrong with Wi-Fi?

Have you ever tried to enlighten your entire house or flat with only one light bulb in a room?
Unless you live in a studio, it does not work!
Unfortunately, this is exactly the behaviour with our Wi-Fi network at home!
How can we expect to “Wi-Fi” our homes with just a single Wi-Fi access point (modem, gateway or router)?

STRONG Wi-Fi "Mesh" solutions

Replace your current Wi-Fi network with a Wi-Fi that simply works!

STRONG is the first brand to introduce a Wi-Fi MESH solution to retail markets throughout Europe which until now was only accessible to major Internet service providers.
STRONG's Wi-Fi MESH solutions are based on a set of smart Wi-Fi access points that you position in different rooms of your house. They replace your current Wi-Fi network without having to change your modem or your broadband access device. These access points automatically connect to each other to create an ultra-high speed, stable, reliable and secure Wi-Fi network based on the field-proven “MESH” network technology.
In that way, you will reach a perfect Wi-Fi coverage of your home with no more Wi-Fi dead zones. Moreover, all of your Wi-Fi devices will always be connected at their highest possible speed to enable superb video streaming to every wired and wireless device with zero buffering.

A Wi-Fi Network that simply works!

The installation is extremely easy with zero time configuration and requires no expertise. You simply connect one of STRONG's Extender 1600 to your existing Internet modem and then you position additional Extender 1600 in different rooms of your house.

You can start with 2 Extender 1600 which are suitable for most houses or flats up to 150 m². You add in a very simple way additional Extender 1600 depending on the size of your home. You can go up to 4 Extender 1600 to cover an area of 300 m² even on multiple floors.

STRONG Wi-Fi MESH Solutions are fully compatible with any of your modem or router.